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Basic/Intermediate Tarot Series - Class Summaries

Intro/Intermediate TAROT WORKSHOP
There are no hard and fast prerequisites for this discussion. Your ability to participate will depend on your personal circumstances and length and degree of commitment to tarot. As a guideline, I assume about two years of prior reading experience and that you've taken a basic tarot class. These prerequisites should be treated as a guideline only. Contact me if you have any questions about which class to take.

"Getting Started".
What is a tarot deck? What is the history of the tarot? How do I choose the right tarot deck for me? How do I attune myself to the deck? These are some of the questions we’ll address in the first workshop of the series. You do not have to have chosen a deck yet in order to attend this class. If you have a deck, please bring it.

"Reading For Yourself".

What’s in a card? In this workshop we will learn a technique of meditation designed to figure out what your cards mean to you. We will address the idea of positions and a layouts on a conceptual level. Work through your first layout. We will consider how to frame questions in a manner that will provide unambiguous results.

"Reading for Other People".
So - now you know what you’re doing! In this workshop, we’ll address reading for other people. We’ll consider coaching other people through the process of question construction, how to read effectively, and how to bring it all together in the end. You will learn two new reading models based on the Hebrew Tree of Life that allows us to interpret emotional process and seek balance. We will also learn several problem-solving layouts.

"Astrology and Tarot".
In this workshop we will consider the correspondence between astrology and Tarot. We will go over the basic elements of astrology, and where reading cards is similar and different to using Astrology. We will learn two new layouts that are particularly useful as an aid to interpreting a horoscope.

"The Small Cards".
The pips, or small cards, can be difficult to interpret. In this workshop we will address the pips as a function of the Tree of Life model. We will consider the relationships between the small cards that add to effective reading. We will consider the advanced technique of constructing card chains, and go over when chaining is appropriate.

"Reading from Playing Cards".
Historically, playing cards arose at about the same time as the modern Tarot because of standardization that resulted from effective use of the printing press. It is a historical accident that Tarot is used mostly for divination, and playing cards are used mostly for gaming. In this workshop, we turn the table, and consider the rich tradition of divination with playing cards, including some of the unique playing card layouts, methods, and models.

"Tarot Magic".
Although Tarot is usually used as a divinatory tool, it can be used for spell casting. In this workshop we will address some basic precepts of tarot magic and potential pitfalls. We will also consider some means of divination to address whether magical work is appropriate in a given situation.

"Advanced Layouts".
In the last workshop of the series, we will bring together all of our work by addressing several very complex layouts that use the entire deck.

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Date Workshop Location

18 June 2017

Switch Words Course


19, 20 June 2017

Professional Tarot Course


24, 25 June 2017

Astro-numerology Course



1, 2 July 2017

Manifestation And Abundance – Of Theta Healing And Dark Force Energy Release Workshop


22, 23 July 2017

Basic And Advance Chakra Healing


29 July

Switch Words Workshop


30 July 2017

Magnified Healing



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