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Truly supportive relationships bring out the best in us, and creates a "tribe" of supportive people around you is the key to healing mood disorders, emotional problems and childhood trauma.

So how do you know whether your connections to others are healing, those--based on your real emotional needs--or problematic, reflecting your difficult or abusive childhood?

Eight Danger Signs.

  • You feel criticized or whatever you do for the other person, it's never enough.

  • You argue about things that don't matter.

  • You don't share the same worldview or belief system.

  • You feel guilty a lot of the time.

  • You feel afraid to ask for what you really want.

  • You quarrel over who does what.

  • Nothing seems to change, even after you've talked about issues.

  • You feel pessimistic or hopeless about you and/or the relationship.

If some or all of the above ring true to you, it's time to give your relationships a makeover.


Five Healing Actions.

  • Never criticize or accept criticism. There is no such thing as "constructive criticism:" Like abuse, criticism is always about power.

  • Instead of talking about what one of you did wrong, work out concretely what you need the other person to do or not to do. Be sure not to use generalizations like "I need you to love me," but specific actions such as "I need you to hug me when I come home." Stated in this way, your needs help to set boundaries and, if agreed to, become the "rules" of the relationship.

  • Talk together often about your beliefs and goals and find out what you have in common.

  • Assign each of you clear roles and be very specific about who does what when.

  • Develop a set of bonding rituals that are particular to the relationship.

We teach health professionals the essentials of our innovative approach to healing. Incorporating unique anthropological insights and powerful mind and body techniques, the FM Method offers a breakthrough method for effecting lasting positive change on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

We occasionally offer workshops and talks for the public on topics ranging from depression and anxiety to optimal relationships and parenting. Our founding Uplift Intensive workshop proved uniquely effective (94% according to follow-up questionnaires by participants.)

Corporate Services.
Competence, optimism and emotional health all depend

Specializing in effective communication and leadership development, we enable top leaders to reach their full potential and help others realize theirs, transforming the workplace into an emotionally intelligent, high performance culture.

Our corporate services include speaking, training, executive coaching and consultation.

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18 June 2017

Switch Words Course


19, 20 June 2017

Professional Tarot Course


24, 25 June 2017

Astro-numerology Course



1, 2 July 2017

Manifestation And Abundance Of Theta Healing And Dark Force Energy Release Workshop


22, 23 July 2017

Basic And Advance Chakra Healing


29 July

Switch Words Workshop


30 July 2017

Magnified Healing



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