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  Transcript of Live Chat with Dr Geetanjali Saxena Tarot card Reader on Monday 28 th December 2009 at 4 PM.

"You will be able to achieve the stars if you keep your target and eyes open."
 Dr. Geetanjali Saxena
 Tarot Card Reader


Vivek > Hi Madam , I m Vivek sharma dob: 16-12-1983 , I had my MBA marketing in 2008 but I m jobless till now , what in my future , when I got a job . thanks

Geetanjali Saxena > Dear Vivek, dont lose hope . your cards are good. you will get a job around march or may 2010.Pray to archangel Chamuel for good job prospects and he will help you getting the job most suitable for you.

Rahulm > Hello Mam, My name is Rahul Marothiya DOB 18th Aug 1985 time 9:32am Place Mumbai, I am into a relationship with Silky DOB 17th June 1985, Place Amritsar time:13:54 pm, She recently got in touch with Nadi jyotish which stated about her future husband out of which approximately 70% of features said by the pandit matches to me...but pandit said her that relationship with me...will get broke and she will get marry to some other guy by next year.. We both love each other and because of this prediction we are quite disturb, kindly guide me for our future of our relationship and by what time we will get marry to each others TOQ:3:09pm

Geetanjali Saxena > Dear Rahul the tarot indicated marriage between both of you. The phase is April next year. but there will be oppositions and problems which both of you will eventually overcome, you can also seek advice from a close elderly person in this matter.

Geetanjali Saxena > ARIES: Arians who have been going through a difficult time will find respite. The time after may 2010 is great

Geetanjali Saxena > TAURUS: the tarot is suggesting you to harness your inner strength for emotional issues. Communication is the key word for you to come out of problems.

Geetanjali Saxena > GEMINI: feb 2010 is going to be instrumental in your life. take a bold stand rathe! r than going into a shell.

Geetanjali Saxena > CANCER: there may be legal issues in your life. You may buy property or sign some documents. single individuals may get married or at least engaged.

Geetanjali Saxena > LEO: keep a brave face in front of adversities. The next 4 months can be stressful but after that it will be smooth going .

Geetanjali Saxena > VIRGO: keep your focus and priorities clearly define. You will be able to achieve the stars if you keep your target and eyes open. A great year especially after July.

Geetanjali Saxena > LIBRA: avoid giving loans to people. There may be times that someone close to you may hurt you.

Geetanjali Saxena > Scorpio: avoid making investments in schemes which offer quick money. Avoid hasty decisions till June 2010.

Geetanjali Saxena > SAGITTARIUS: you may have a problem with a close friend of yours. Be discreet with your secrets.

Geetanjali Saxena > CAPRICORN: you may lose money so be careful while investing. Overall a good year.

Geetanjali Saxena > AQUARIUS: a good time with a lot of help and support from people around you.

Geetanjali Saxena > PISCEANS: this is the time to come out of your emotional problems. once your emotional issues are resolved there is no stopping you.

Sunny > I am Nitin Sharma DOB 27/june/1979 time of birth is 01:23 AM Bulandshahr I want to find out will I be able to complete my PhD by 2011 and will i Get my papers Published in 2010.

Geetanjali Saxena > You will be able to complete your Ph.D by 2011 and your papers will also get published by 2010 but it will be a difficult task. work diligently. Channels Gabriel.

Sweety > Hello Mam, My Name is Chhavi, Date of Birth 18th Oct,1984,TOB-7.20am, POB- Saharanpur. I want to know when i will be able to buy my own flat/house. How is my career & marriage (arrange or love)...Waiting for your reply....thanks in advance

Geetanjali Saxena > You will be able to buy a house by 2012. Your career will b e great but please try to avoid being too aggressive at workplace. As far as the cards are indicating you are already in a relationship. If not then the tarot indicates a love marriage

Gaurav.21033 > My name is Gaurav khatri and dob is 05-12-1983 time is 23.45pm night. i have faced lot of up and downs in my life .now my life is stable im doing good job . I am satisfied but some health problems are making me worried about my future. iam taking treatment for that stomach problem called Irritating bowel syndoreme. my doctor told me its due to you your tensions . Sometimes my mind worry lot about my health, my future. sometimes i feel so depressed like i have not done anything in my life. I have to do a lot. and its effect my health. i am worried why my mind gone depressed sometimes. I feel so lonely. One thing I always feel that with whom i share my feelings. Whom I talk personally. i have a girlfriend but she is no more .I breaks my relation with her due to her marriage . i cant see her with someone else. now sometimes i feel so alone. I tried myself to keep busy. But sometimes I feel depressed tell me what i have to do .

Geetanjali Saxena > Rahul your body is unable to react to stress and hence this problem . Please cut down on meat . Take alpha lipoic acid and proteins. Please see a hypnotherapies or a theta DNA healer for your problem.

karun gulati > Good afternoon mam, my name is Karun Gulati and date of birth is 28 april 1982 , TOB is 16:10 (4:10 PM) and POB is New Delhi. My Question is, When will I be stable in my career as there are so many fluctuations? and can I try acting as a new career? Or which career would be most suitable for me?

Geetanjali Saxena > Karun the tarot is indicating the problems are your own manifestation as you are not happy at work. so please donate a pearl to a beggar to get relief. You can try acting as a career .it will be good.

Anshu > Hi,i am Anshu Rastogi, DOB 1/6/1980 TOB 3.32 p.m., Place is Delhi. I have lost my job recently and I am looking for new job but no success. Kindly suggest when will I get new job and how stable it will be and even is there any chances of going abroad for a Job.

Geetanjali Saxena > You will be able to get a job next year. it is not the right time to go abroad. Channelise ARIEL for help

Mukul > Hi Geetanjali, my name is Mukul Rastogi DOB 17-08-1977 TOB 3:55 pm. My financial gowth is just stopped and I am worried due to increasing expenses day by day. In the last two years my earning is just static and not increasing anyway. M! ay I expect a good appraisal in this year which will I get in ! April 20 10? Will my earnings will be grown in near future? Is any solution there to increase my earnings? I always be in tensed position due to poor financial situation. Please tell me the way to get rid of this situation.

Geetanjali Saxena > Your good time starts October 2010. After that you will continue to grow steadily. God bless

Juhi > Hi Geetanjali mam I am Bidisha Sengupta DOB 8 Mar 79 at kolkata time 8.30 pm ,I want to know about my health, finance, love about my son's health and my relation with my husband

Geetanjali Saxena > Dear Bidisha as per the tarot you do not have any problem in your life. You have great expectations from your husband which you have to lower. Your son feels neglected of your attention.

Navin > Navin Vasnani Date of Birth :10/07/1984 Place of Birth: Ulhasnagar Time of Birth:03:50 AM Will it good time to switch the job As I have good offer.4 yrs of Exp in IT.

Geetanjali Saxena > April 2010 is the good time to switch job

Sanju > Hi Dr. I am Sanjeev Tiwari DOB 18th August 1975, POB REWA (M.P) Time of Birth 6.00 A.M TOQ 3.50, I wish to ask you that how do you see my future life and the coming new year.

Geetanjali Saxena > I see a possibility of problem from a lady in the coming 4 months.

kkk > Hello Madam, Iam Kunal Kundanlal Kuril DOB 10-04-1981. TOB 11.15am Place of Birth : Mumbai. Married in Nov09 When will my financial status improve? Is there any chance of going abroad or getting a government job or better pay job and change of residence? Also I want to do some business. Is Property business right field for me in 2010? Kindly advice?

Geetanjali Saxena > 2013 is the time to venture into business. Your financial period will improve from November 2010.you also can go abroad next year. you may not get a govt job.

lakshi > Hi mam my name is Lakshita DOB 12/07/1985 Mumbai . I like a boy his name Deepak Kapoor DOB 9/06/1983 Delhi, my family also like him I want 2 know will i get marry to him n when

Geetanjali Saxena> You can get married to him around 2011.

Mayank > Hello Mam, My name is Mayank and dob is 29.05.! 1983 at 11:15 am. Kindly suggest I am looking for a job change and is this time would be favourable for the abroad job or not or should I wait for some more time.

Geetanjali Saxena > it is better if you try to settle here rather than going abroad .May 2010 is the time for job switch.

SANJEEV > Hi I am Sanjeev Sahni, DOB 11/11/1970 TOB 5:20 p.m. Place is Panipat, Haryana, A court case has been fabricated against me for the last 12 years and is still running in High Court for Quashing...Will I won this case ??
Geetanjali Saxena > You will not be able to win the case .

DINESH > Good afternoon mam, I am Dinesh Rana, DOB 10 Jan 1975 ! and time 4.15 PM. 2009 was a horrible year for me and I am worried about 2010. Will I be able to live a normal life in 2010.

Geetanjali Saxena > 2010 will be better than 2009



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