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What is it?

Making contact with those in the spirit world can be achieved by many methods but none are so intense, so utterly absorbing and emotionally fulfilling as trance, channeling, overshadowing or inspired talking. It is perhaps the closest form of communication between spirit guides and the medium and is usually confined to working circles. A circle by the way is the modern day word for séance, and I am sure you will agree sounds more acceptable. When mediums train they will often sit in a development circle, here they learn to make contact with the spirit world and may find they have the capacity for trance work. They may also be able to listen to the wise and informative words of a spirit guide spoken through a trance medium.

Spirit people, when communicating can be of varying distances from the medium, indeed most mediums can usually describe whether a communicator is to the left, right or behind them. But spirit guides who have a strong connection with their medium are able to come closer, some describe this as walking into our aura. If we remember the human aura extends some 4 feet around us, then when a guide enters this area there is a bonding and deepening of contact.

But there are also different levels of this type of communication, in one state the medium remains fully conscious and is aware of all that takes place, in the other the medium is apparently asleep and has little or no recollection of the events taking place.


So let's explore the first of these, overshadowing. In this particular form of communication the spirit guide or communicator has become very close to the medium. It should be noted all this happens with the complete agreement of the medium, in fact it would be impossible otherwise. It is this closeness that allows the spirit guide to influence the medium, he or she will then be able to speak for the communicating guide. The voice will be hers but the words will be of the guide, and the medium will be able to let the guide address those in the circle. Usually this will be an informative talk on spiritual matters, and on some occasions those in the circle will be able to ask questions of the guide.

Full Trance / Channeling

This is perhaps the more well known form of spirit trance communication and is when the full co-operation of the medium is utilised. In this form the medium will spend a few moments attuning to their guide, before seemingly falling off to sleep. After a brief period the medium will have become an instrument for the guide, the guide being able to use his/ her voice directly. In explanation our medium has simply withdrawn to allow the spirit communicator through and will be unaware of the words actually spoken by him. Often tape recordings of these meetings are made to enable the medium to benefit from what was said.

On these occasions the guide will impart great knowledge and teachings, for he is in direct contact with those about him. Questions are often asked and indeed the communicating guide will often invite them. There is some confusion on whether any voice accent should be apparent, to this I would say yes, it adds authenticity if the details of the guide were previously known, then it might be logical for them to represent themselves accent, mannerisms and all.

Public demonstrations of trance mediumship have been given, to mixed reactions. To hear an individual suddenly start talking in a foreign accent and speaking of things we can often not confirm, can to some people be a little hard to swallow. But if we listen, just for a moment and dispense with our logic, so that we can hear the words, we may find great enlightenment. For the words spoken by a guide are eloquent, knowledgeable and reasonable to our intelligence. A truly tranced medium will not be stuck for answers to questions, though we may not always hear what we expect.

Inspired Speaking

Similar to overshadowing, the guide is directing the medium in what to say. Mediums who give clairvoyant readings in spiritualist churches may precede with a talk, this could be of their own construction or be inspired by their guide. The guide promoting or giving information and insight into what to speak of.


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