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Dr. GEETANJALI V. SAXENA is a Spiritual advisor, Certified Professional Theta DNA energy Healer and Teacher, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Past Life Regression Therapist, Inner Child Guide, Hypnotherapist and, Certified Reiki Master. She has trained under Vianna Stibal of U.S.A who is the founder of “Thetahealing” .She teaches Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Manifestation and Abundance, Rainbow Children.She has also trained under Michaela Adam Horst from Germany who is a Spiritual and Mediumship healer.   

Dr. Geetanjali V. Saxenaa has a MSC in Physics and doctorate in Psychotherapy and Counseling from the University of Northeast Virginia  & is currently spearheading Institute of Holistic Sciences where she practices Theta DNA Healing, Reiki , Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Magnified Healing. She also conducts workshops and seminars on Theta healing, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Rainbow Children Intuitive Course, Manifestation and Abundance Course.  

She also heads  ASTROTAROT PREDICTIONS a holistic center with excellence in the art of Tarot, Astrology. She also conducts workshops on Basic & Advanced Tarot , Astrology , Numerology, Crystal Theraphy, Angel Card Reading, Runes.  

She has been exposed to these sciences from her childhood as her mother is a well known astrologer and tarot reader. She founded her company  in 2001 and since the Dr. Geettanjali has promoted these various sciences amongst the masses through various workshops and symposiums.  

She is working with passion and compassion towards bringing positive attributes in young children and teenagers. She blends her knowledge and skills with spiritual awareness to heal body, mind and spirit. Her focus and aim in life is to instill confidence and heal the person so that he/she is able to make highest and the best decision in difficult times. "Divine Guidance guides me to interpret the blocks channeling my psychic energies.

She firmly believes that every person has the free will and has complete control over ones destiny and hence is responsible for his or her decisions regardless of any advice. She also teaches and empowers others to use healing practices.   

She is a healer of body, mind and spirit. As a healer, and spiritual facilitator, Dr. Geetanjali practices on many topics including holistic healing, meditation and spiritual awareness. Her work takes her throughout the domestic market and is now venturing internationally.




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Date Workshop Location

18 June 2017

Switch Words Course


19, 20 June 2017

Professional Tarot Course


24, 25 June 2017

Astro-numerology Course



1, 2 July 2017

Manifestation And Abundance – Of Theta Healing And Dark Force Energy Release Workshop


22, 23 July 2017

Basic And Advance Chakra Healing


29 July

Switch Words Workshop


30 July 2017

Magnified Healing



For inquires and registration contact
Dr Geetanjali Saxena

Email: drgeetanjali@gmail.com

Call : +91- 9322127722

Please note: If you get busy tone or no reply on the mobile phone, kindly sms with your name and query.

For More Info call :
Dr.Geetanjali 9867462877





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